If you’re interested in doing a project or research degree under my supervision, please contact me.

I typically supervise Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) students for Master’s internship and graduation projects, and Stellenbosch University (SU) students for Honours projects or research Master’s or Doctoral degrees (self-funded, or with limited bursaries funded by the NRF or SU).

I’m also interested in supervising fulltime doctoral students at TU/e, provided funding is available—either from your side, or on a project we have funding for. At the moment (October 2019), we have an open PhD position on product line engineering.

Current students

I currently (co-)supervise the following students at TU/e and SU:

Doctoral students

  • (2019–) Mahdi Saeedi Nikoo, PhD student at TU/e on the ArrowHead Tools project.
  • (2018–) Kousar Aslam, PhD student at TU/e on joint project with ASML, working on learning component models by using active automata learning techniques.
  • (2017—) Sangeeth Kochanthara, PhD student at TU/e on (Software) Architecture and Functional Safety as part of the i-CAVE (integrated Cooperative Automated VEhicles) project.
  • (2017–) Melanie Mauch, PhD student at SU on compressed pattern matching. Partially funded by NRF CPRR project “SaSy and DaPPR: Sequences and Syntax, Distributed & Parallel Pattern Recognition”.

Master’s students

  • (2019) Javier Alvarez Morales, MSc ES (Embedded Systems) student at TU/e on internship project at Spike Technologies
  • (2019) Leon Freriks, MSc CSE (Computer Science and Engineering) student at TU/e on graduation project at ASML, “Using static analysis to improve scalability of active automata learning of data-dependent components”.
  • (2019) Niels Rood, MSc CSE student at TU/e on “Functional Safety Analysis and Safety Pattern Application on i-CAVE”, as part of the i-CAVE (integrated Cooperative Automated VEhicles) project.